Venous Ulcers

What Is a Venous Ulcer?

A venous ulcer is a sore that develops when an area of skin breaks down to reveal the underlying flesh. Venous leg ulcers are the most common form of these ulcers and they most frequently occur just above the ankle. Ulcers form due to advanced varicose vein disease or venous insufficiency. These sores are very slow to heal, usually due to weakened blood circulation in the area. Therefore, venous ulcers can last for weeks or years. At The Vein Clinic, Dr. Reynolds and his team provide treatment for venous ulcers.

Venous Ulcer Symptoms

When ulcers form due to venous insufficiency patients can experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Inflamed skin
  • Discoloration
  • Hardening of skin
  • Unhealed injuries in the area

Venous Ulcer | The Vein Clinic | Columbia, SCBenefits of Early Ulcer Treatment

Early diagnosis and care are important. Studies show that early endovenous ablation of venous ulcers can help patients achieve both quicker healing times and lower the number of times the ulcer recurs. In order to treat your venous ulcer as soon as possible, The Vein Clinic is able to see patients within a week of onset.

How Do You Treat Venous Ulcers?

Venous ulcers rarely heal without medical intervention. In addition, topical, oral, or injected antibiotics are rarely helpful and can even cause more harm. Typically, patients can use compression stockings or dressings. Patients can also choose to correct the underlying venous disease with procedures such as ClosureFast or VenaSeal. These procedures can help ulcers heal faster and decrease the chances of new ulcers developing.

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What Is the Cost of Treating an Ulcer?

Clinical studies on venous ulcers have shown that the total cost of treatment over time can reach up to $15,732. This is commonly due to the need for frequent medical visits which interfere with a patient’s ability to work and earn their living. With early treatment of the underlying venous disease patients can expect to lower not only their healing time but their medical costs and visits.

Venous Ulcer Before & After Treatment

Venous Ulcer | The Vein Clinic | Columbia, SC

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