Oh! The Beauty of Innovation!

Varicose Vein Treatment Columbia SC Historically, if a person has sought information regarding a matter of health and wellness, they have had to schedule a visit with their primary physician, and that was the easy path. When the problem at hand required more focus, the primary physician visit would lead to a referral to a specialist, which meant a longer period of waiting and at least one more visit with a physician; this time, with a doctor that was unfamiliar.

At The Vein Clinic in Columbia, SC, we know that there are patients who are somewhat apprehensive about all these visits. We also recognize that the way medicine is practiced has evolved. Today, it is much easier to obtain information than it was even a decade ago. Because we need to look no further than Google to get the details we need, there is even less value placed on the face-to-face interaction between doctor and patient. That value, however, has not decreased; only our idea of it has.

We Believe in Your Convenience

Because we believe in convenience, but also strive for the highest quality medical care, we have implemented a virtual leg screening service, VeinPix.

As vein specialists and other medical professionals have become aware of new trends in service, more have entered into the world of virtual reality. The problem with many of the free leg screenings that are available today is that they lack the amount of detail that is necessary for truly personalized care. VeinPix allows us to go above and beyond the standard of care and offer what we feel will benefit our patients the most.

Details about VeinPix

  • VeinPix is more than an online questionnaire. This app allows you to send your photos to us for the thorough evaluation, without ever having to leave your home.
  • In addition to images and a self-assessment, you can also submit questions that you have about the condition of your veins.
  • VeinPix provides accessibility for patients and also referring physicians to obtain answers related to individual care.
  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly.
  • Secure transmission of data through an encrypted server that is HIPAA-compliant.

Make Your Move

If you’ve got noticeably bulging veins, and experience the ache and fatigue that go along with them, you want to know the best way to move forward. A VeinPix virtual leg screening can be the first step on your journey to healthier, more attractive veins. Click Here to get started.

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