Vein Health: Is Yoga a Do or a Don’t?

Vein Clinic Services Columbia SCIn the past few years, the buzz about yoga has reached global volume. It seems like we hear about one or another benefit just about every day. You may have heard that yoga is an excellent form of exercise or that yoga movements are excellent if you want to improve flexibility. You may have even heard yoga mentioned as a method of managing stress and bringing more peace into life. These benefits might make anyone want to visit their local studio, at least to take a peek into what the hype is all about.

If you’ve been curious about yoga, that is reason enough to take a class. The benefits that we mentioned don’t stop there. They extend into lifelong health and wellness by:

  • Promoting brain power. A short yoga session each day has been associated with a more productive brain.
  • Strengthening and supporting the heart. Studies suggest that the pose held for the last few minutes of each yoga class, called savasana, helps lower blood pressure than just relaxing on the couch. Yoga may also help lower cholesterol and stress, which reduces heart disease risk.
  • Increasing immunity. A Norwegian study has demonstrated positive immune effects in people who regularly practice yoga.

What does this mean for my veins?

The various benefits of yoga might sound appealing, but what do any of them have to do with your veins? If you have varicose veins and struggle with the aching, burning, and swelling that frequently occur as blood accumulates in poorly-functioning veins in the legs, exercise is an important matter. You want to move more regularly, and you want to do so in a way that is not uncomfortable. Yoga may offer you exactly what you need.

One of the primary reasons why discomfort is common with varicose veins is because stagnant fluid presses on the walls of affected veins. Yoga is not a way to cure the accumulation of fluid, but it is an excellent management tool. In particular, yoga poses in which the legs are elevated can temporarily diminish pressure in the veins and therefore improve comfort. In the long term, the strength that is built in the lower legs from yoga poses can support future circulation to minimize the risk of further blood pooling.

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