Vein Health During Pregnancy

Vein Clinic Services Columbia SCPregnancy is a very exciting time in life and a time that brings an enormous reward. During those nine months, however, a woman may encounter numerous frustrations. Some of them may feel quite concerning. Varicose vein development is one example. Here, we want to discuss a few tips for vein health during pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy and Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are typically not brought up in conversation until later in pregnancy. This could be because veins become more obvious and painful over time due to increase in weight and, specifically, the central location of excess weight on the pelvis. Weight may be a crucial factor in how veins feel, but the idea that weight is the reason why pregnant women get varicose veins is mistaken. It is during the early months of pregnancy when hormones are changing quickly, when vein health is affected. If a pregnant woman happens to sit many hours a day, the risk of venous insufficiency becomes higher.

Diminishing Risk

The sooner that health management begins during pregnancy, the better.

  • Even if you do not consider yourself an active or athletic person, a good exercise routine should be established as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. Walking is an excellent way to promote healthy blood flow. As a side benefit, a 30-60 minute daily walk also keeps weight in check, which further protects veins from weakening.
  • If you notice that your legs feel fatigued and achy at the end of the day, or during the day, take a break. Lying down with the legs elevated over the heart relieves pressure and facilitates blood flow out of the veins in the lower legs. If possible, combine elevation with the gentle massage performed by a partner.
  • Comfort and circulation both improve with compression stockings. Consider wearing these garments if you sit for long periods and also when you are walking for exercise. Doing so may inhibit the long-term effects of poor circulation during pregnancy.

In many cases, varicose veins that occur during pregnancy do improve after childbirth. Improvement typically occurs over several months, as hormone levels return to normal and weight is lost. If veins do not shrink, medical treatment such as sclerotherapy may be performed to close the bulging structures.

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