Vein Disease and The Heart: Is There a Connection?

Varicose Vein Treatment Columbia SCVein disease can be alarming due to the cosmetic repercussions that it brings. Beyond cosmetics, though, there are additional concerns that may coincide with the development or worsening of the bulging veins that stand out on the legs and ankles. The aching and heaviness that is caused by pooling blood can inhibit the active lifestyle one may wish to live. Because vein disease implies a problem with blood flow through the lower extremities, some patients question whether or not they should also worry about the potential for heart disease.

Does vein disease mean heart disease?

This is the question that some patients ask. It makes sense that the two may be connected; that the insufficiency in blood flow from the lower extremities may originate in the heart. If you are wondering about this correlation, you can breathe easier today. Current research does not support the idea that vein disease is caused by, or could cause heart problems. What studies have discovered is that the presence of right-sided heart failure may increase risks for intensified pressure in the veins of the lower extremities. The data related to this connection is limited, and should not cause unnecessary alarm. Patients with heart disease, as well as those with healthy heart function, need to know that vein disease can be managed with proper care.

The True Cause of Vein Disease

Veins do carry blood from the heart to distant tissues and organs. However, vein disease itself has no direct connection with the function of the heart. This condition is the result of weakness in a particular vessel or vessels. This weakness could stem from hormonal disruption, although most research points to simple biology.

The Value of Appropriate Vein Treatment

There is no reason to rush into vein treatment thinking that it will improve heart health in some way. However, there are viable reasons to seek treatment for varicose veins sooner rather than later. Except in the instance of pregnancy-related vein disease, varicose veins do not normally resolve without treatment. They may worsen with age and with fluctuations in weight and hormone levels. Treating veins can mean reducing both cosmetic and physical symptoms, often without surgery.

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