The 7 Most Common Causes of Varicose Veins

What causes Varicose Veins?

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There are a number of factors that can cause venous insufficiency (vein disease). The Vein Clinic wants to share the 7 most common causes of varicose veins with you, which include:

1) Heredity: Varicose veins can be an inherited trait. If your parents or grandparents had vein problems, you’re most likely at greater risk of developing them yourself.

2) Pregnancy: The increase in blood volume during pregnancy—up to 50%—combined with an increase in hormone levels can put greater pressure on your vein walls, which can affect your circulation. When you start experiencing varicose veins after a pregnancy, you should consider having them treated at The Vein Clinic before subsequent pregnancies to keep the problem from getting worse. Dr. Neal Reynolds adds that women who have been pregnant are much more likely to have varicose veins than women who have not had children because the likelihood and severity increase with the number of pregnancies.

3) Gender: Women experience more vascular issues or venous disease than men because of pregnancy, hormonal conditions, and other medical issues specific to females. Using hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills can also affect your circulation.

4) Obesity: Being overweight can put extra stress on your circulation system and can also contribute to vein problems.

5) Lack of Exercise: Exercise helps you maintain a healthy circulation system. Additionally, walking and/or running help you develop healthy calf muscles that, when functioning properly, create the pumping mechanism necessary to move blood upward towards your heart.

6) Prolonged Standing: Standing for long periods can cause an increase in pressure on your vein walls and consequently result in swelling and increased blood volume in your lower limbs. If you are in an occupation that requires standing, it helps to periodically sit for a few minutes, flex your leg muscles, and even elevate your feet.

7) Your Occupation: The most common occupations that cause varicose vein because you’re on your feet most of the workday include:

  • Teaching
  • Medical professions (nurses, doctors, etc.)
  • The restaurant and retail profession (especially bartenders and cashiers)
  • Hair styling

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