It’s Summer! Does that Mean a Greater risk for Vein Problems?

varicose veins | columbia scSummer time can be a stressful time for people with vein conditions like varicose or spider veins. It is bad enough that they have to struggle to hide prominent veins all throughout the year. But why is it that bulging and discoloration seem to become more noticeable smack dab in the middle of summer, when you really want to shed some clothing?

Let’s look a little closer at varicose veins . . .
If you have varicose veins, you may already know that they are there because of some type of defect in a valve nearby the ropey, swollen vein. In most cases, these veins develop on the lower extremities, simply because this is a likely place for blood to become “stuck,” unable to make its way back to the heart where it can be re-circulated. The more pooling that occurs in the weakened vein, the weaker its walls get. Ultimately, a varicose vein can become very prominent and even symptomatic. Some of the complaints caused by varicose veins include:

  • Soreness in the leg
  • A sensation of fatigue or heaviness in the leg
  • Changes to the color of skin around the vein
  • Itching and pain at the sight of the vein
  • Ulcers on the skin around the vein

The role of Sun Exposure
Alright, so let’s now talk sun exposure. The good news is that current research has not made a connection between sun exposure and the development of varicose or spider veins. That being said, people with varicose veins may notice unexpected changes during the summer months. This is not due to the sun in a direct sense, but due to heat. When the body becomes warmer, veins can become enlarged and dilated, and thus more engorged with blood. The more swollen they become, the more you may notice symptoms.

Take extra care this summer. Try a cool bath or shower, or spend time at the pool when you can. Keeping your body temperature down as the weather heats up can be a challenge, but it can also keep you more comfortable.
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