Don’t Panic! It’s just a Bleeding Varicose Vein!

Don’t Panic! It’s just a Bleeding Varicose Vein!Varicose veins are most often condemned for the cosmetic repercussions they cause. No one likes the ropey, bulging appearance of an unhealthy vein, nor the webbed discoloration of spider veins. But, for the most part, this is where most concerns end, at least at the initial onset of vein disease. As pooling continues and the affected vein becomes increasingly more bloated, the concerns related to the condition of the vein grow. Will a varicose vein cause serious harm to your health? Probably not. However, there is the potential for bleeding from that vein, and this can be alarming.

Why is it Bleeding?

Varicose veins may bleed if the overlying skin is injured, even slightly. Bleeding may occur spontaneously if the vein ruptures, as well, considering the weakness of the vessel. One of the most common areas where bleeding veins tend to be seen is around the ankle. The slightness and fragile nature of the veins in this area are susceptible to venous pressure, and may burst as a result.

How to Handle a Bleeding Varicose Vein

The way that this situation should be handled will vary from one person to another. If you can remain calm (we know, this can be difficult) and you have help, and if bleeding is not profuse, you may be able to stop the bleeding with the following:

  • Sit or lie down in a way that will allow you to elevate your leg higher than your heart.
  • Apply gentle, consistent pressure over the vein. Initially, this may be done with a hand or cloth. Once bleeding is under control, an ACE wrap may be applied over an appropriate dressing, such as a swatch of gauze.

If bleeding is severe, you may need to wrap your leg and go to your nearest emergency room.

A varicose vein that bleeds for any reason is a vein that needs to be treated. Dr. Reynolds of The Vein Clinic performs a number of different procedures to close off veins in which blood is pooling. Schedule your consultation for treatment at (803) 253-8667.

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