Could Varicose Veins Cause High Blood Pressure?

Could Varicose Veins Cause High Blood Pressure? | Columbia SCOften, varicose veins are perceived as a cosmetic problem that makes people want to wear long pants even in the summertime. However, varicose veins characterize vein disease that causes uncomfortable symptoms like aching, burning, and leg fatigue. Because the presence of varicose veins means that blood is not traveling back to the heart as it should, it is common for patients to wonder whether or not their unsightly veins may also suggest a potentially serious health concern such as high blood pressure.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Our veins naturally have a degree of elasticity as well as firmness, just like our skin. As we age, the strength of our veins may decline. This can create a risk for valves within the veins to lose their powerful push. Studies have indicated that varicose veins have a genetic component, seeing that this problem can run in families. There are also lifestyle factors that can increase or reduce a person’s risk of developing varicose veins. Staying active and maintaining a healthy weight helps prevent unnecessary stress on the veins in the legs and feet.

Varicose Veins and Hypertension

Blood circulates through the body with the help of a vast cardiovascular system. Because each part interacts, one part having to work harder to pump blood means all parts will be affected. This is demonstrated in a study that identified a relationship between arterial disease, varicose veins, and hypertension.

Two types of hypertension can be discussed in relation to vein disease. The more common type if venous hypertension, or increased blood pressure within a vein or veins. Venous insufficiency, in which blood is not returned to the heart because of vein weakness in the legs, leads to pressure buildup. This also known as venous hypertension. This condition represents persistent stress on the vein structure and risk for further complications such as leg ulcers.

The type of hypertension that causes concern for patients with varicose veins is the general high blood pressure that relates to heart function. Fortunately, the interrelation between the two is merely consequential; one does not cause the other. Women, in particular, have a higher risk for varicose veins as they age. The same risk factors that may cause venous insufficiency (hormones, weight gain, etc.) also increase a woman’s risk for high blood pressure.

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