Ambulatory Phlebectomy for Varicose Veins: What to Expect

Varicose vein , SCVaricose veins can be treated using a variety of techniques today. At The Vein Clinic in Columbia, we cater to the needs of each patient, using the most conservative methods of vein removal possible. One of the common treatment options patients explore is ambulatory phlebectomy. This minimally-invasive procedure is conducted in the office under local anesthesia. Patients are awake and comfortable throughout their treatment.

As advantageous as vein treatment is, most patients feel somewhat apprehensive about what to expect after their procedure. Because ambulatory phlebectomy requires only local anesthetic into tissue at certain points along the vein, patients are able to drive home immediately following treatment and recovery over several days with minimal post-treatment restrictions.

Upon completing the procedure, Dr. Reynolds places dressings over the tiny incisions and also applies some type of compression dressing or garment. The veins that are removed collapse as soon as they are accessed with the small instrument used during the procedure, however, compression is recommended to reduce post-treatment swelling that may occur. Compression is also beneficial for maintaining comfort. Beneath the compression garment and dressings, patients may notice slight drainage coming from their incisions. This is normal and usually stops by 24 hours after treatment. After this time, dressings can be removed. Compression, however, should continue for two weeks.

As healing progresses, patients are able to resume a higher level of physical activity. Exercise like walking may be recommended right away and should be offset by elevating the legs when possible. Elevation slightly reduces the force of blood through the legs and decreases general stress on the veins and surrounding tissue so swelling and bruising can decrease naturally. As needed, patients can take appropriate pain medication to manage comfort. Hot tubs or hot baths and strenuous activity should be postponed for at least two weeks.

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