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Varicose Veins Columbia SCMillions of people are struggling with vein issues like muscle cramps, visible bulging, and leg fatigue. Even when symptoms of varicose veins occur regularly, there may be a question about whether or not a vein specialist should be consulted. The perspective that we take in our Columbia, SC vein clinic is that ongoing pain related to varicose veins should not be ignored. Vein health is integral to a higher quality of life. The insufficient circulation of blood out of the lower extremities can present numerous problems. The good news is that multiple methods of treatment are available.

When Should I See a Specialist?

The first step in feeling better is to recognize the signs that you need to see a vein specialist:

  • Leg pain is inhibiting daily activity. Leg pain doesn’t automatically mean vein issues are to blame. However, sensations like throbbing and aching, and even muscle cramps that increase with physical activity may indicate venous insufficiency.
  • Legs feel weak after standing. It is not normal for legs to feel weak after standing for a period of time. If your legs feel heavy and tired after you stand for an hour or more, it could be because blood is pooling in weakened veins. Elevating your legs may help, as may compression stockings. However, the best course of treatment is to close varicose veins so blood can move more smoothly back to the heart.
  • A lump in a leg feels tender. Varicose veins don’t always appear as large lines of twisted rope. At first, many varicose veins are nondescript; subtle bumps or lumps around which there is tenderness, itching, or aching. If these symptoms worsen over the course of a day and improve with elevation or after a good night’s sleep, it is beneficial to schedule a consultation with your vein specialist.

There are multiple diagnostic tools and treatment modalities to aid in the identification and resolution of painful, unattractive varicose veins. The question of when to seek treatment is personal to every individual. There is no “right time” to have varicose veins treated, though we may be able to act more conservatively when you schedule your consultation when symptoms are still mild.

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