How Rebounding Aids Circulation

Rebounding | Columbia SCRebounding. It’s a type of gentle exercise that many of us may remember our mother’s doing back in the 80’s. While today’s avid rebounders probably don’t don leg warmers and headbands to perform their circulation-boosting activity, the enjoyment these folks seem to get from their exercise complements various other benefits.

When we were children, most of us got a great deal of sheer joy from jumping up and down. Over time, we are taught that this activity is somewhat frowned-upon, at least in certain settings. However, there are good reasons to pick this habit back up again. Regardless of your age and current level of fitness, rebounding is something you can do.

Most people rebound on a small trampoline. If you are worried that your balance is not good enough to manage this, you can obtain similar benefits by sitting on an exercise ball that has enough air to bounce but not so much that you lose balance.

Benefits of Rebounding

Our patients are specifically interested in knowing whether or not rebounding could prevent them from getting more varicose or spider veins. While we cannot say that this is a given, we can say that research supports the claim that rebounding does help certain factors that lead to unhealthy veins, including muscle tone in the lower extremities and blood flow. And one of the best things about this form of exercise is that it aids in muscular development without the same toll on joints as other, more strenuous exercises.

The aerobic activity that rebounding gives to the heart also extends to the lymph system, which is one of the top reasons that people engage in this activity (not to mention the fact that they can do so in the comfort of their home while watching television!). According to studies, the gentle bouncing that occurs when rebounding increases the activity of the lymph system up to 30 times. Lymph flow is crucial to detoxification of cells throughout the body. People who rebound regularly report fewer headaches and less achy-joints, among other benefits.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line about rebounding is that there benefits to gain. However, if you have existing veins that are troubling you, professional care may be in order. Patients in the Columbia area receive personal, friendly care from the team at The Vein Clinic. For your consultation, call (803) 253-8667.

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