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Varicose Veins Columbia, SC | The Vein ClinicVaricose veins are typically considered a cosmetic problem. That is, except among those who live with the aching, throbbing, and burning discomfort that occurs when veins twist and bulge beneath the skin. If you have varicose veins, you know that appearance is one small reason to obtain appropriate treatment. At the same time, you may not realize just how much your health and wellness can improve when problematic veins are treated.

  1. Improved comfort. It is often assumed that varicose veins are obvious in their appearance. However, when viewed with ultrasound, deeper veins are often discovered, and these may be the veins that are at the heart of pain. With various treatment options available today, it is possible to remove those that cause pain that presents secondary problems, such as . . .
  2. Sleep disturbances. People with varicose veins, even those that are not yet visible, often express difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Sometime during this supposedly restful period, the legs become restless and must be moved. We know this a restless leg syndrome, but few people realize the possible connection between this sleep disturbance and varicose veins.
  3. Increased mobility. One of the problems that arise when varicose veins become painful is that the affected person does not want to move as much as may be needed for good health. The swelling and aching that occurs with varicose veins may get in the way of favorite activities such as running. Even when veins are not severely uncomfortable, there may be concerns related to exercise and the potential for veins to worsen.
  4. Improved confidence. Obtaining vein treatment for the sole purpose of feeling better about how your legs look is perfectly normal. Many people visit our Columbia vein clinic for this very reason. When you can wear your preferred style of clothing, such as shorts in the summertime, or at the gym, you are more likely to get out and live more.

Feeling confident, rested, and physically comfortable all relate to better health and wellness. If you are ready to say goodbye to uncomfortable varicose veins, we invite you to learn more about the treatments options available at The Vein Clinic. Give us a call at (803) 253-8667.


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