The Gift of Better Circulation: Here’s how to Give it to Yourself

Circulation | Columbia SCCirculation is a vital act of living, and it’s not something we should take for granted. The body usually knows what to do. It sends electrical impulses to the chambers of the heart to pump blood out into all parts of the body. Sometimes, the vessels in lower extremities don’t get the oomph they need to get blood fully back to the heart. This is where problems like spider veins and varicose veins begin. No one likes the appearance of these veins on their body, so circulation can be viewed as a gift. Fortunately, it is a gift that you can give to yourself this holiday season and all throughout the year. Here’s how . . .

  • Health and fitness experts advise us to stretch before we exercise, but there are other benefits to a daily stretching practice than warming up the muscles for action. When we stretch, we encourage blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to various internal structures, keeping them vital and functioning.
  • Good circulation comes from movement. It need not be strenuous or lengthy. Research has shown that walking provides us with several benefits, including weight loss and management. It also supports healthy muscle tone in the legs by causing slight contraction with every step. Contracted muscles squeeze leg veins, inhibiting stagnation of blood flow.
  • Stop smoking. When we consider the consequences of smoking, it is usually lung damage that comes to mind. However, the chemicals in tobacco products also cause damage to the thin lining of cells on the walls of blood vessels. When this lining is damaged, plaque and fats adhere much easier, inhibiting blood flow.
  • Add compression. If you are already fighting the development or worsening of varicose veins, consider the value of compression stockings. These garments place greater pressure on the foot and ankle, and lighter pressure on the upper part of the calf to facilitate adequate blood flow.

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Healthy circulation means a decreased risk of problematic veins. It also means better general health and vitality! If you are bothered by spider or varicose veins, you don’t have to live with them. Call The Vein Clinic in Columbia at (803) 253-8667.

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