Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

veins treatmentThe chillier months are upon us, at least for a little while. During this time, it can be oh, so easy to stay bundled up inside, away from the colder temperatures. Snow and other nasty weather, coupled with shorter days, can steal your motivation to stay active. This is so much easier when the sun and warm air beckons us outdoors! That being said, activity is fuel for healthy circulation. Here, we will touch on a few ideas for getting your blood pumping throughout the winter months.

  • Hop in the pool! Of course, it will need to be an indoor pool, for most people. Unless you’re Wim Hof (“The Ice Man”), frigid water holds no appeal to you. Swimming need not take a backseat during the winter months, though. If you’re near Charles R. Drew Wellness Center, you may take advantage of their indoor pool. Also, many fitness centers offer indoor swimming for a gentle, full body workout.
  • Walking, whether outdoors or on a treadmill at the gym, provides a great opportunity to foster healthy circulation. Walking not only moves blood through the body by increasing heart rate, it also builds muscle strength in the lower leg.
  • Hit the mat. Yoga is more than a physical practice, it has been said to ease stress and nourish the body and mind in one fell swoop. Furthermore, there are some poses that may slightly improve the symptoms of varicose veins by temporarily counteracting the force of gravity into the lower legs.

There are numerous benefits to an active lifestyle. During the winter months, creating a program that gets you out and moving can offset all those holiday goodies you’ve been enjoying, and can even combat the winter blues that may develop due to shorter days and less sunshine.

If the discomfort of varicose veins is standing between you and the activities you would like to enjoy, we can help. Contact The Vein Clinic in Columbia, SC to schedule a consultation for vein removal. Modern therapies can often resolve pain and swelling without surgery or extensive downtime.

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