Ambulatory Phlebectomy: Are You a Candidate?

Varicose Veins Treatments Columbia SCMillions of people suffer the frustrating symptoms of varicose veins. Because the accumulation of blood in multiple veins can be difficult to disguise, there are cosmetic issues to manage. Because fluid accumulation increases the pressure inside of veins, there is an issue with comfort. While varicose veins may not initially cause troublesome side-effects like noticeable swelling and twisting or discoloration and physical pain, many do in time. We don’t suggest that you wait until the symptoms of varicose veins are unbearable to schedule your consultation in our Columbia, SC vein clinic. Waiting may impact your ability to choose a preferred method of care.

Multiple treatment options have been developed to treat varicose veins. Common treatments performed in our office include radiofrequency ablation and saphenous ablation with VenaSeal. These two treatments can assist a large number of patients to achieve their desired outcome of improved comfort and cosmetic appearance. However, when varicose veins have become a visible problem, ambulatory phlebectomy may provide the best results.

What is Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

Ambulatory phlebectomy is a technique that we perform in the office using local anesthesia. It is a procedure that may be performed on medium to large sized varicose veins and may be performed after non-surgical saphenous vein ablation. Closing the varicosed vein before micro-surgical removal allows blood to reroute to a healthy vein before the incapacitated vein is removed altogether.

Usually, ambulatory phlebectomy is recommended as an advanced method of treatment. The end result of this technique is the complete removal of an insufficient vein. However, ambulatory phlebectomy is not to be confused with vein stripping. The latter is no longer performed as a routine varicose vein treatment due to its invasiveness and relatively long recovery. Ambulatory phlebectomy removes affected veins through micro-incisions and the use of specialized micro-instruments. After this comfortable procedure, patients can walk immediately. Normal activities can be resumed within 24 hours.

We usually have options for treating varicose veins without surgical technique. Our comprehensive training and experience enable us to help you determine which treatment will provide you with the long-term results you expect.

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