Addressing Common Questions about Vein Treatments

Addressing Common Questions about Vein TreatmentsOne of the most important aspects of protecting your health and wellness is to stay informed. This is relevant to all aspects of physical well-being, including how functional your veins are. It is understandable that most people think that spider veins and varicose veins are normal. While they may be common, you might still have questions or concerns related to vein health. Here, we want to address some of the common questions we get about how to handle vein conditions.

When is treatment necessary?

Vein disease may present obvious signs, such as visible veins. But sometimes, no indication is given to the problem that has developed beneath the surface. If you experience sensations such as leg fatigue or restlessness, itching, swelling, a “heavy” feeling, or throbbing pain, your body is telling you that there may be a problem with one or more veins in your leg. Schedule a consultation with a vein specialist to determine the cause of your symptoms and to discuss the need for treatment.

Is it possible to prevent vein disease?

There are certain lifestyle habits that may decrease the risk of spider veins and varicose veins. These include weight management, frequent movement and regular exercise, and a healthy diet. Vein disease may also have hereditary factors, though, so prevention is not failproof.

Is surgery necessary to treat vein disease?

Over the years, numerous vein treatments have been developed. A large percentage of the treatments we conduct in our Columbia clinic are non-surgical, such as Venaseal, ablation therapies, and sclerotherapy. Many of the modern varicose veins and spider vein treatments have very little downtime if any.

What side should effects be expected after treatment?

Most day-to-day activities can resume right away after vein treatments such as ablation or sclerotherapy. If discomfort occurs, over-the-counter pain medication is usually sufficient to manage it. For a few days following treatment, bruising may also be noticeable.

You don’t have to live with visible and painful veins. At the Vein Clinic, you have multiple options for removing the vessels that cause discomfort. For more information on our vein treatments, call (803) 253-8667.



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