Multiple Treatments for Spider Veins?

Spider Veins Columbia SCSpider veins are a concern for both men and women. The condition can be especially frustrating when webs of deeply colored veins appear in a visible area such as the face or the ankles. It’s true that spider veins are more of a cosmetic problem and are not likely to cause the same physical symptoms as varicose veins. However, there is still good reason to obtain treatment from a qualified vein specialist.

How to Spot Spider Veins

It is pretty easy to spot spider veins because they aren’t solitary; they like to live in groups. The webbed appearance of visible veins is a telltale sign, and this may coincide with burning or itching in the skin that lies over the cluster of dysfunctional veins. Essentially, spider veins resemble varicose veins internally, being that these vessels are harboring stagnant blood. The difference is that these veins are smaller and closer to the surface of the skin.

Prevention Cannot be Guaranteed, but Treatment Can Help

Many people want to know how they can avoid the development of these vein clusters. Because spider veins and varicose veins are each associated with certain factors that cannot be controlled, such as hormones, age, and genetics, there is no way to guarantee the success of lifestyle choices to completely prevent them. Women, especially, are encouraged to implement healthy strategies such as eating well and exercising on a routine basis to promote healthy circulation and weight management. Additionally, individuals who do develop spider veins need to know they can resolve the issue with quick sclerotherapy treatments.

Sclerotherapy is a well-known vein treatment that uses a mild pharmaceutical to force unhealthy veins to close. When this chemical agent is introduced to the interior of the affected veins, their lining becomes irritated and slightly inflamed. This doesn’t cause the patient pain. What it does is cause the vein to close gradually over several weeks.

It isn’t uncommon to need multiple treatments to completely rid an affected area of spider veins. Many patients need between 2 and 5 treatments to eliminate the problem. There may be a correlation between vein size and the number of treatments needed. However, an effect most often comes down to how the body responds to the sclerosing medication.

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