Can Weight Loss Cure Spider Veins?

Spider Veins Columbia SCWeight and spider veins are two common problems that many women struggle to manage. Don’t get us wrong, men can have issues with both of these frustrations, too; it’s just that vein problems are more prevalent in women. Spider veins are the tiny webs of discoloration that may be seen on the front or backs of the thighs. They often occur on the outside of the calf, which is why many women’s mothers or grandmothers advised them not to sit with their legs crossed. Spider veins may also be noticed on the ankles, the inside of the knee, or other areas. There is no rhyme or reason to the location of these veins, but there is data that suggests why they may form.

Understanding Spider Veins

Spider veins and varicose veins alike are the result of weakening in the vein wall. The difference between the two is that spider veins are those small vessels that lie just under the skin. When the walls of these vessels lose resiliency, blood backs up in certain points of the vein. In the case of spider veins, it is the stagnated blood that we see in the form of purple, blue, and red webbing.  Studies suggest that several factors may be involved in the development of spider veins. These include hormones, genetic makeup, lifestyle, and weight.

How Weight Affects Vein Health

Excess weight is considered a factor in a person’s risk for varicose and spider veins because, when there are more pounds on the body’s frame than is within proportion, every system of the body gets stressed. Blood pressure may increase under extra weight, and circulation may change. Spider veins and varicose veins are circulatory issues. Too much pressure within and outside of a vein changes its structure. Weakness in the vein wall contributes to valve malfunction and the pooling of blood.

Damage is Not Reversible

It seems logical to conceive that, if weight can cause veins to weaken, then weight loss could help damaged veins repair themselves. To date, this has not been proven in real-life. Once a vein is damaged, the valve does not self-repair. In fact, even medical treatment for spider veins does not repair them. The method of treating malfunctioning veins is to eliminate them. In the instance of spider veins, we do this by causing the vein to close naturally.

Sclerotherapy has been the primary treatment for spider veins for many years. Short visits to our office can permanently eliminate existing spider veins so you can feel more satisfied with your appearance. To learn more about spider vein treatment, call our Columbia, SC office at  (803) 253-8667.

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