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Could Vein Treatment Decrease Restless Leg Symptoms?

Restless Leg Syndrome can be a frustrating problem that keeps you up at night. If you experience symptoms of this condition, it pays to investigate the possible connection between RLS and varicose veins. What is restless leg syndrome? As it sounds, restless leg syndrome is a condition that causes involuntary leg twitches at moments when […]

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Does it Hurt to Have Varicose Veins Removed?

Do you have varicose veins that cause you embarrassment and physical discomfort? Are you spending yet another summer wearing lightweight pants rather than shorts? There is no reason to suffer another season of aching, throbbing, itching, and self-consciousness. However, if you have the idea that varicose vein treatments hurt, we can understand why you have […]

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Standing Desks: Are They Worth the Investment?

We’ve been told for some time now that sitting for long stretches can be bad for our health. This is more than an old wives tale; a sedentary lifestyle that involves sitting in traffic to get to work, sitting at a desk all day, sitting in traffic to get home, then sitting in front of […]

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Why are Women More Prone to Varicose Veins?

You may have heard that varicose veins occur much more frequently in women than in men. If you are a woman with varicose veins, your susceptibility may seem frustrating. It may also be slightly confusing. Why would you have a higher risk? This is what we’d like to discuss here. One of the well-known aspects […]

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Oh! The Beauty of Innovation!

Historically, if a person has sought information regarding a matter of health and wellness, they have had to schedule a visit with their primary physician, and that was the easy path. When the problem at hand required more focus, the primary physician visit would lead to a referral to a specialist, which meant a longer […]

Exploring Vein Treatments: Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation | The Vein Clinic |Columbia, SC

Exploring Vein Treatments: Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation

At The Vein Clinic, we offer some ablative techniques to decrease or eliminate varicose veins. The treatments that we offer are carefully selected based on safety and efficacy. Because multiple options are available, patients need to know as much as possible about each. Here, we will discuss the important points of endovenous radiofrequency ablation. Endovenous […]

Deep Vein Thrombosis & The Holidays

During the holidays, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is something we should all be aware of, especially during long airplane rides and perhaps even longer car trips. The Vein Clinic offers the following questions and answers about DVT. What is DVT? Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition in which a blood clot (thrombus) forms in one […]

When to See a Doctor About Vein Pain

Are you suffering from vein pain in your legs? Do you have swollen, bulging veins? Do your legs or ankles bother you when you try to sleep? Do your legs feel “heavy”? Do your legs feel restless? Do you have bleeding ulcers on your ankles? Do you have unsightly spider veins? If you’re in the […]

Vein Stripping Then Vs. Venefit Now

Then: Vein Stripping In the 1980s and 1990s, vein stripping was the “gold standard” procedure for treating varicose veins. As mentioned in a previous blog by Dr. Neal Reynolds, this procedure typically required the removal or “stripping” of great saphenous vein (GSV). With vein stripping, the surgeon would pass a cable from the patient’s ankle […]

For Mother’s Day, Sign Someone Up For Healthy Legs

For Mother’s Day, give the gift of healthy, attractive legs. Do you or your Mom have bulging, painful, heavy legs that could be the symptoms of varicose veins? Do you have blotchy, unsightly spider veins? If so, this is the perfect time to sign up for a Free Vein Screening at The Vein Clinic located […]

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