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The Way to Healthy Veins is Through the Stomach | The Vein Clinic | Columbia, SC

The Way to Healthy Veins is Through the Stomach

We’ve all heard the adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” We could say that the stomach is a portal through which we can achieve quite a lot. Research has confirmed that what we eat matters. It even matters to something as simple as your veins. Eating well promotes overall health […]

Is it Spider Veins or Venous Reflux? | The Vein Clinic | Columbia, South Carolina

Is it Spider Veins or Venous Reflux?

Before commencing with treatment for spider veins, an important aspect of our protocol is to ascertain whether venous reflux could be involved. This condition, which describes the pooling of blood in veins, may cause visible red, purple, and blue “webs.” Because venous reflux is also a potential trigger for edema (swelling) and chronic vascular insufficiency, […]

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